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Did You Know?

  • eligible businesses can claim up to $33,000 ERC
  • more than 70% of ERC are NOT claimed, yet
  • Closers Corp’s team has helped more than 10,000 businesses to claim their government aid!

The IRS launched ERC in 2020 to subsidize business owners to retain their employees and recently extended its covered period to the end of 2021. That means, as long as your business is in operation in 2020 OR in 2021, you are eligible for money (tax credit) to cover wages paid to your employees.

Does it sound like PPP? Actually, it’s better, because you don’t have to worry about paying it back or how to use it. As long as you’re eligible, the IRS will send you the check and off you go – no question asked.

Why is it less popular than PPP? Because it’s a complicated tax matter whose rules changed three times. In order to MAXIMIZE your eligible tax credit, not only do you have to be a certified accountant, you need expertise in ERC.

Urban Myths About ERC

It’s all myths – THEY ARE ALL WRONG

Expertise Matters

Yes, you can apply for ERC with any certified accountant.
But do you want to know why you’d want to consult with experts?

Here are some of the real case studies that happen frequently:

Case Study 1

Joseph, who owns restaurants and cafes, already applied for his ERC through his accountant. He called us and 15 minutes into our FREE consultation, he learned that he’s qualified for more. A LOT MORE. He signed up for three of his businesses and didn’t mind paying for the application again, because he’s getting so much in return anyway!

Case Study 2

Julie, sushi bar owner, thought she was not qualified because she already received PPP. We asked a few questions and she learned she was qualified. When we added why so many people believe in such ‘urban myth’ about ERC, it made so much sense to her and she is now beyond happy for extra cash that rightfully belongs to her!

Case Study 3

Ryan called us to get ERC for his senior care business. During the FREE consultation he found out that he can still claim 2020 ERC for his painting business that’s hardly operating any more. He got so excited because now he can revive the business and hire more people!

So it is up to you.

If you’d like to pay a little to get a little money, please go ahead.

But if you’d like to get the maximum amount of ERC you never imagined you’re qualified for, consult with the experts.

Closers Corp’s team of top notch CPAs has processed ERC since its inception in 2020.
We’ve heard of it all, we’ve processed all kinds. We are not only industry leading experts in ERC, we will not pay us unless you’re qualified.

First and foremost, we pride in our expertise and professionalism that delivers the best customer experience that turned our clients into raving fans.

That is why so many clients come back to us with more business and more referrals. And that is why we are able to charge you with one of the most competitive prices in the industry, if not the most.

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What's Next After The Call?

Step 1

Upload Documents

Upload your documents and relevant data via our secure portal.

Step 2

Calculate Your ERC

Our ERC experts will work on your application to maximize your eligible credit.

Step 3

File Your ERC

We will notify you of the amount that you are entitled to and file on your behalf.

Step 4

Monitoring Service

We closely monitor the status of your application. Any updates will be notified to you immediately.

Step 5

Receive The Check

Take advantage of our 100% success rate and receive your check in the mail!


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