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Real Estate

Who We Help: Borrowers and owners of real estate looking to sell, develop, or acquire other real estate properties.


Who We Help: Various types of manufacturers nationwide that have active or inactive sites with $5 million to $1.2 billion revenue.


Who We Help: Immigration law firms that specialize in immigration and need our help with prospecting new clients.


Who We Help: Builders, home owners, and flippers looking to buy, sell, develop, or finance anything from $10 million to $100 million.


Who We Help: High-impact advisors, business owners, and coaches who need high-ticket sales of $10k+ products or services.


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You're As Important<br>To Us As FamilyYou're As Important<br>To Us As Family

You're As Important
To Us As Family

Like you, we adore and take care of our family with all we have. Our high-performance based, high-ticket sales team will do the same for you as if you are family. Click Here to become a part of our family.

Performance-Based Success

Our philosophy in business is to do all we can to help our clients become successful first. And that’s why our high-ticket sales service is primarily performance-based only.


Pain brought us together. It is the core from where all of our WHY comes from and the reason we work tirelessly towards not only our own goals and dreams, but to help those who SWIM TOWARDS US to reach their goals and dreams as well.

Professionally trained, culture of high performance and high impact, with integrity and ethics guiding our way… we are a team of HIGH TICKET CLOSERS and our mission is to help scale businesses through Business Coaching, Financial Planning and Consulting.

We are a global family spanning across over multiple countries, speaking multiple languages including but not limited to in no particular order English, Chinese, Spanish, Korean, Italian, Japanese, Vietnamese, German, French, Portuguese, Hindu, etc.

We’ve generated over $10 million in value for businesses over the last 2 years and working on active projects to creating over $100 million in value before the end of the year.

Book a Consultation with us today to see how we can add value to your business today.


Are you ready to expand your business with our business coaching, financial planning and consulting?

We operate in a multitude of disciplines and industries, but the one asset that stands out most is our ability to do business coaching, financial planning and consulting day in and day out like clockwork. That’s why we’re known as the Closers Corporation! Click on the button below to see how we can help you achieve your high-revenue goals.